AusWeg (DeadEnd)

                       "DeadEnd is propably the first feature film that was done by only one person."

A satirical mystery drama


Ernst is an unhappy pessimist who is unable to make any decisions by himself because he is too scared of doing something wrong. He drives to a cottage in the alps to hang himself in front of an idyllic panorama, but all his attempts fail because he suddenly gets harassed by a person that looks exactly like him. In shock, Ernst immediately wants to leave this place, but his car key has disappeared, and it is getting dark. Suddenly he is stuck up there, and his fight for survival has started.




What makes AusWeg / DeadEnd special?

  • 1) The whole feature film was done by only one person. Sounds crazy? It was! Not even one set runner, editor, or whoever was involved. "If you want to torture someone, let the person make a whole film alone".
  • 2) Just one person, alone with a rope, a camera and an audio recorder, isolated in a mountain hut, trying to film himself as he climbs on two wobbly chairs on top of each other to put a rope around his neck that is hanging down from a tree. Seems like a stupid, idea? It was! If the chairs would have fallen over, the satire could have become reality.
  • 3) No film lights were used, only the lights of the cottage.
  • 4) The whole music and sound effects were recorded there during the filming by this single person.

Why would you do all that?
"Because the more you put yourself in uncomfortable and difficult situations, the more you are forced to use your creativity. The more fundamental your struggle becomes, the more profound the result will be. It is not about perfection, it is about emotions.
If you have all possibilities and always comfort, you might become too lazy and restrict your mind - get uncomfortable & cross your lines!"


Background information & concept:
As part of a self-experiment with the dogmatic goal of exploring the limits of what is technically and artistically feasible, according to the motto "everything self-made", Biernat decided to make an experimental feature film alone.
The aim also included a drastically reduction of technical components such as no use of film lights, no external music or sound effects, only a camera, microphone and live instruments on the set.

In terms of content, Biernat has dedicated himself to the topic of self-determination on two levels:
- A) Thematically in the plot of the film.
- B) The process of filmmaking itself to pursue the relevant question "what can I do alone without any help from outside (crew, technology)?"
Just as the protagonist of the film (Ernst) is painfully confronted with his limits, the realization of this film was also a borderline experience for the filmmaker on several levels.


"There was only me, there was nobody around.
If you are the onlyone somewhere remote in the mountains, you set up the camera, then you step on a shacky chair which is placed on top of another shacky chair and you put a rope around your neck that hangs down from a tree, that´s the moment when you should realise that you may dive a bit too deep into the topic of such a project. But at that time it felt totally normal for me. But a year later when I was editing the film I got aware of my stupidity and the real danger I have put myself into."