"Telling stories is our passion."

Codewort Mr. Bean

ARTist Alive - angelo

Great artists are still among us and they never disappear as long as humans exist. That is our hope.  With this film we give a personal insight into the life of a great artist. The painter and caricaturist Angelo Ciaramella shows us that art is not just a job, it is is a way of living.

Leaving FG

Short film 2021, Italy

Leaving FG is a production by the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia and the Puglia Film Commission. 

It was presented at the "Working out" event at the Biennale die Venezia. 

Marco Zurzolo MVM - Bandita Bagnoli


Otwin Biernat - Ausweg (Film)

Feature film


Ausweg ist eine schwarze Komödie über einen Menschen, der sein Leben beenden möchte, es aber aufgrund fehlender Selbstbestimmung nicht übers Herz bringt. 

Die Idee und das Drehbuch stammt von Otwin Biernat und die Dreharbeiten haben im September begonnen. Der Film soll voraussichtlich 2021 fertig sein. 



Otwin Biernat - Ausweg (Film)

Short film 2019


Macbetto is a man in his mid-fifties who wears a mask every day to be accepted in a world where he feels he doesn't belong.







Otwin - Im Auge des Betrachters (Film)

Feature film 2017


Karl Kraemer and his wife Maria, a formally well known singer who suddenly has lost her voice, are visited by their grown up children and at this family gathering they have to face unresolved conflicts of the past.

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That Cloud

Otwin Biernat - That Cloud (Film)

Short film 2018

Portugal, Greece

The sea is my passion and I am fascinated by waves. So went to Nazare to film 10 metres waves. Together with editor Vivian Gerogianni and the composer Stefan Torto we created a short music film called That Cloud.